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Updated 11/13/17 by Kat McGuire


A. Definitions

1. Active member: Any person who pays dues. Active members have one vote and must be present at meetings to vote.

2. Honorary member: Any person who receives membership without paying dues via membership vote of two-thirds majority.

3. Membership is open to W.P.R.A. cardholders.

4. Membership is not transferable.

B. Dues

1. Annual dues of $25.00 will be paid for each membership in open, youth and poles to cover January Ist through December 31st. Membership is per person, not per horse or per class.

2. Nomination fee for the open barrels is $25 per horse.

3. Nomination fee for the Youth class is $20 per horse.

4. Memberships and nomination dues for Peewees are waived.

5. Nomination fee for open pole bending is $20.

6.  Points will not be awarded to the rider in any class until nomination fees have been paid.

C. Rules Specific to Membership

1. Any outstanding fines or money owed must be paid before joining S.A.B.R.A.

2. Members will sign for a copy of the articles and by-laws when they pay their dues.

3. All members are required to read the by-laws carefully. Lack of knowledge of the Articles and by-laws will not prevent a member from experiencing the consequences of infractions of said articles and by-laws.

4. A release form must be signed when dues are paid. If a child is under 18 years' of age, the release must be signed by a parent or guardian. This release waives all claims against Arena Owner/Managers, S.A.B.R.A Officers and Members for injuries to self or livestock, or damage to personal property.

5. Each participant (member or non-member) by act of entry, waives all claims against the management and S.A.B.R.A. for injuries or property damages that may occur.

6. Members are responsible for notifying the Secretary of change of address or phone number.

7. Any member who has a check returned to SA.B.R.A will be fined $25.00 for each check. The fine and check must be paid before the member will be allowed to enter the next barrel race.  Second bounced check will be on Black List.

8. No member shall refuse any reasonable request to assist S.A.B.R.A in the proper conduct of its affairs. While conducting S.AB.R.A affairs, all representatives shall be treated with courtesy, cooperation, and respect. No Person shall direct abusive or threatening conduct towards any member or officer, and arena owners/managers. Members may be penalized for abusive or threatening behavior, including using alcohol to excess or use of illegal substances.

9. Complaints against another member must be in writing, signed and submitted to an Executive Director with a $10.00 fee. The fee will be refunded if the complaint is upheld. Executive Directors are exempt from the $10.00 complaint fee. The Secretary will send a certified return receipt requested letter within five (5) days after receiving the complaint and fee, to notify the member who the complaint is against. S.A.B.R.A. will consider the letter received if the receipt is returned (showing no address change). The Board of Directors will make a decision based upon the written statements by the complainant, defending member, and any witnesses. The Secretary will notify both parties in writing of the decision, postmarked no later than three (3) days after review of the complaint of the Executive Directors. Anyone requesting to speak will be by the majority vote of those members present. Upon close of the decision, members present will vote on the complaint decision - the decision will be final. Penalties will be assessed by the Board of Directors up to $30.00, suspend a member up to one year, or expel the member from membership permanently, depending upon the severity of the offense. The fine must be paid prior to the defending member to be allowed to enter the next barrel race.

10. A request for an appeal must be in writing and submitted to an Executive Director with a $10.00 fee, postmarked within seven (7) days of the postmark of the review decision. The fee will be refunded should the original decision be overturned. Any new information must be written and submitted to an Executive Director. At the next regular member meeting, the President will read all written statements, written witness information, and the written decision.

11. Complaints against anyone seeking membership require two members to submit a written and signed complaint to an Executive Director, explaining why the new member would be detriment to S.A.B.RA. At the next regular member meeting, the President will read the complaint. Discussion (if needed) will be limited to three (3) minutes per person and a majority vote will be final. The membership fee will be refunded should the membership be revoked.

D. Meetings

1. Regular & Special: Notification to all members will be no later than five (5) days before the meeting. The date, time, place, and agenda will be included in the notification. Any member may call a special meeting.

2. Voting on business: Decisions can be made at meetings when a quorum is present. A quorum consists of members who show up to the meeting.

E. Committees

1. Will be created through a motion by a member and will consist of volunteers and/or appointed members.

2. Each committee will have a chairperson and will report to the Executive Director and members.

3. Standing committees: Financial Auditing; Points Auditing; Awards and Donations (chairperson will be an Executive Director); Arenas; and Fundraising.


A. Elections

1. The officers and executive Directors of S.A.B.R.A. will be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Board of Directors will consist of the Executive Directors. Only members in good standing may be nominated from the floor at the September meeting. If nominated more than once, the member must decline all but one office.

2. Election will be majority vote at the final race of the current year (finals).

3. Term will begin after the awards banquet or ceremony and shall serve for one year.

4. An Executive Director may temporarily delegate their duties in an emergency if the membership is notified.

B. Executive Directors and Duties

1. President

a. Shall be the Chief Executive Director of S.A.B.R.A. and shall preside at all meetings.

b. Shall have one vote on a written ballot and will only vote in case of a tie at any other time.

c. Will see that all duties of Executive Directors are performed and will assist or provide direction.

d. Will accept volunteers for standing committees or will appoint members if necessary.

e. Coordinates volunteers and/or appointed members to work the arena at each barrel race.

2. Vice-President

a. Conducts meetings and duties in the absence of the President.

b. Maintains a record of each member's points.

c. In October chairs the financial auditing committee for the Treasurer's records.

d. Is in charge of reviewing the eligibility of the horses nominated to classes.

e. Will maintain files, which includes membership application, nomination forms, copies of registration certificates and/or hauling permits, and signed releases of liability forms.

3. Secretary

a. Maintains a membership list and records attendance meetings.

b. Keeps complete and accurate minutes of all meetings.

c. Read the minutes and calls the President's attention to any unfinished business.

d. Maintains S.A.B.R.A records and historical facts of each year's minutes and business transactions.

e. Answers all correspondence promptly, file letters and replies for future reference.

f. Collects and records reports of all committees and written resolutions. Has available at each regular meeting a copy of minutes of previous meeting, record of committees and copy of the S.A.B.R.A. by-laws.

g. Counts and records the balloting of all voting in the presence of at least one other Executive Director.

h. Records entries at barrel races.

4. Treasurer

a. Receives and deposits all money, keeps separate record of the income from awards, fundraisers, donations, dues and entry fees,

b. Collects dues.

c. Collects entry fees at barrel races.

d. Maintains a checking account. Executive Directors will be signers on the account.

e. Maintains a petty cash fund for $150.00.

f. Calculates and issues pay-off checks

g. Pays all expenses. Allowable expenses will include office supplies, publicity, awards and barrel race expenses. Itemized receipts will be obtained and saved for all expenditures.  

5. Board of Directors

(Which consists of president, vice president, secretary and treasurer).

a. Make decisions on behalf of the membership.

b. Schedule barrel racing dates.

c. Arranges for arenas.

d. Makes recommendations and reports to membership.

e. Resolves disputes at S.A.B.R.A. events.

f. Board meetings are open to entire membership. However, only the board members, defendant and plaintiff will allow discussion. Time and place of board meeting will be placed in the newsletter whenever possible.

g. If a board member resigns or misses three (3) membership meetings, the President will appoint a member until special elections is held. The election will be advertised on the S.A.B.R.A. Web Site. Nominations and elections will be held at the next meeting.

6. Youth Coordinator

a. Responsible for fundraising the extra allotted amount needed for youth to obtain saddles in year-end awards. That amount can vary from season to season depending on current SABRA youth budget.

b. May delegate other parents and youth to also help with fundraising and activities to better our youth division.

c. Does not need to attend all board meetings unless requested to be present by the board.

d. Must keep board notified of any donations made or current fundraising activities.

            e. Relieved of board making decisions and any other responsibilities.


 A. Rules

1. The Board of Directors will make decisions that need to be made at a barrel race.

2. The time from the electric eye will be made in thousandths.

3. If for any reason the barrels or timers are moved from the measured course, things must be put in correct order and all contestants who ran on the incorrect course must rerun with no penalty.

4. A no time will be given for knocking over a barrel. Touching a barrel is permitted. If a barrel is knocked over and sets up on the opposite end, that is also a no time. (A knocked down barrel gets a participation point in 5D.)

5. If a rider stops the forward motion with their horse at any point during the pattern, or goes off pattern (i.e. circling again behind the barrel, not finishing home between barrel 1 and 2 etc) that will be given a no time at boards discretion. Crossing the electric eye while the timer is going prior to completing the run or due to the fall of a horse will also result in a no time.

6. Mistreatment of Horse/s: Any member or person/s who mistreats an animal anywhere on the grounds of a facility in which a Southern Arizona Barrel Racing Associations (SABRA) race is being held may be declared ineligible, or suspended from SABRA privileges. Depending on the severity of the offense, which is determined by the Southern Arizona Barrel Racing Association's elected board members, the member or person/s may be expelled from any SABRA event thereafter. Excessive yanking on a horse’s mouth, excessive spurring and excessive whipping in an aggressive manner will not be tolerated in the competition setting or anywhere on the grounds of the facility. No electrical devices of any kind can be used anywhere on the grounds that is used to punish the horse or make them run faster.

8. The contestant will enter the arena when his/her name is called. If we have not located the rider, we will call the rider’s name 3 times. After the 3rd call it will be a turn out and we will move on to the next rider. If the rider is found, they may enter again at the end of the draw. Riders and horses with gate issues are subject to be placed at the end of the current rake at the boards’ discretion.

9. Raking procedure: SABRA rakes every 6 riders. Established rakes in the early draw or late draw cannot be changed unless by boards discretion for the benefit of the members and the class.

10. HORSE SUBSTITUTION: S.A.B.R.A. will collect a $10 office fee for substituting any horse at each race. If a permanent substitution is needed (if a horse was sold, died, or has a long term injury) the board may allow a permanent substitution and waive the substitution fee. The substitution fee will never be reimbursed even if the horse winds up being a permanent substitution. A substitution maybe used twice and then a Vet notice is needed and the substitution is permanent. The original horse may come back and run time onlies. A member may substitute twice for a nominated Club Horse (Horse A). The substitution horse (Horse B) will remain the permanent horse after the third time using it as the substitution horse.(Horse B)If the member wants to bring (Horse A) back after 2 races and continue to run it, this will be discussed among the officers. A $10.00 substitution fee will be charged each time. At the most that would be $20.00. The substitution fee will be waived if the owner of Horse A has a vet excuse.

Many variables exist when a horse needs to be substituted. We have made these rules to work with the member and their horse and to allow the member to continue to ride and earn points. These rules are being created to keep some questionable manipulation from happening.


11. If for any reason there is a malfunction of the timer, barrels were not placed on markers properly, the rider will receive the option of receiving entry money back or a re-ride. If a re-ride is chosen, it can be at the end of the same drag they were in originally or at the end of the race. If the rider chose a re-ride and was originally at the top of the ground, we will rake before their run and then may need to rake after before proceeding onto the next drag. 

B. Regulation Barrel Pattern

1. Standard course should be used whenever possible. On smaller courses the pattern should be reduced proportionately from a standard course. Barrels 1 and 2 should be at least 18 feet from the side of the arena and cannot be closer than 15 feet. Barrel 3 should be at least 36 feet from the end of the arena and cannot be closer than 25 feet. In narrow arenas the third barrel should be at least 15 feet longer than the distance between the first and second barrels. The score line should be at least 45 feet from the end of the arena.

2. Barrels must be 55-gallon steel drums with both ends closed. No rubber or plastic barrels will be used.

3. When marking the pattern, a lO5-ft measurement will be used when possible. An arc is made from barrel 1 and 2. Where the arc crosses is the placement of the third. Due to traveling to different arenas, the size of the pattern that will be used will be at the board’s discretion with the members’ best interests in mind.


1. Effective 11/10/18 S.A.B.R.A has changed to an Open 5D format with half second splits between all divisions.

2. The Youth class is for children 15 and under. The payout will be in a 3D format with a one second split between the first and second division and a two second split between the second and third division.

3. If there are sufficient entries to run the open pole class, the poles will be paid out in a 2D format with a two second split between the divisions. Poles will be ran at day time races ONLY.  


A. Entering and payoffs

1. All entry fees must be paid at the time of entry. A non-member may enter and will pay the additional non-member fees. The non-member fee is assessed by person, not by horse.

2. In the 5D barrel race and Open Pole Bending; the payout will be equally divided between divisions. For the 5D barrel race, each division will receive equal money, 25% to each division.

3. In the 5D format we will pay 1 money for 1-19 entrants, 2 monies for 20-39 entrants, 3 monies for 40-59 entrants, 4 monies for 60-79 entrants, 5 monies for 80 to 99 entrants. If we have over 100 entrants we will pay 6 monies. (At the discretion of the Board)

B. Receiving Points

The Vice President will calculate points. A report will be submitted to the Secretary for the S.A.B.R.A. web site. All entry and points information is subject to review of the auditing committee as requested.

Points are awarded as:

1st place                                  10 pt

2nd place                                 9 pt

3rd place                                  8 pt

4th place                                  7 pt

5th place                                  6 pt

6th place                                  5 pt

7th place                                  4 pt

8th place                                  3 pt

9th place                                  2 pt

Participation Point                  1 pt

1. Points are awarded based off of member fast time. If a non-member won the race, then points will start at 10 awarded to the member that ran the fastest time creating new divisional placings for points only not payout.

2. Points are awarded to the rider not the horse. If a rider changes horses during the year, the rider will keep all points accumulated for that division and the rider may be subject to the horse substitution fee (see Rules #13).

3. If a member rides an additional horse, a nomination is then due for the horse in that division, unless the horse is designated as a "non-member horse" on the entry form. No points are awarded to a "non-member designated horse".

4. If a member rides two or more horses in the same division on the same day, and does not designate "non-member horse"; the points will be given as a horse/rider combination.

5. There will be 14 barrel races from January to November scheduled and posted at the beginning of the year. Voted in 11/11/17 to take effect starting the 2018 season: All 14 races will be pointed. If a member makes all 14 races, only the top 11 will be taken and the 3 races with the lowest points will be dropped.  

6. All participant runners will get 1 point.  

7. Members must attend 7 of the 14 scheduled races in order to qualify for awards at the end of the year. Poles members must attend 2/3 of the shows to be elidgable. i.e. this year (2019) there are 9 shows, poles members must attend 6 shows to qualify.

8. Members must work to qualify for year-end awards.

9. Should a tie happen at a monthly show the points for the tied placings will be added together and then split between the tied members (Example- Riders tie for first: The 10 pts for first and the 9 pts for second are added together (19) and then split between the two riders (9.5 pts for each rider).


10. Should a tie happen in points at the end of the year the win shall go to the rider with the most points in that division. Should a tie still remain the win shall go to the rider who has won the most money throughout the year in that division. If there is still a tie, then the rider with the most money won overall throughout the year will take the win.


D. Auditing

1. Members are responsible to bring to the attention of the Vice-President any errors in the calculation of points during the year.

2. Points will be audited throughout the year and prior to the finals by a points auditing committee and reviewed by the Board of Directors.

3. The membership must approve points that are reassigned to correct errors.